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March 20, 2019

Why say No to Chinese goods in India

China has blocked the proposal to proscribe JEM chief maulana masood azhar as a terrorist, the only lone stand out among 14 other countries that supported the move. The veto it exercised is disguised as a 'technical' in nature. But the sad reality is this

  1. China wants to support its all weather ally at any cost
  2. It possibly wants to use this as a bargaining tool with India on CPEC & OBOR which latter opposes
  3. Dent India's huge diplomatic success and the support it shored up internationally after the Pulwama attack 
If China uses a political tool, we Indians can use a 'economic' tool to oppose this adversary which is acquiring the size & scale of a global behemoth. We need to oppose Chinese business interests in India however small it may be in relation to the trade volume. As Indians we can pinch Chinese mobile handset makers who make millions of it in one of the worlds largest market. Or for that matter stay away from all kinds of cheap chinese goods that flood our market ranging from crackers to toys

I have already taken the first step by saying 'No' to enlist on alibaba.com which was on the anvil for some time. Business wise it makes no sense to decline the huge exposure and international transactions it can generate. But nation is paramount, profit only comes later. What about you?

why chinese goods are not welcome in india

February 24, 2019

Qayamat se Tomato tak

I don’t know how to put this…because we are in a tense situation with our neighbor after the pulwama attack ….and any message may be construed differently (thanks to manipulative media) …and lot of unpleasant messages are doing the rounds. But one thing does not change, whether one likes it or not. We are connected and here to stay, like Vikram & Betal perhaps (as in my last post). Strangely enough, Pakistan does appear like a person hanging from another (India’s back) on the map. It should have ideally been an elder brother carrying a younger one lovingly in his arms. But sadly it appears like a ‘historical baggage of burden’ something like a betal riddling to escape from the clutches of Vikram.

This tension affects people-to-people connect, it affects commercial transaction (trade & business). Pakistan seems to be currently affected by stoppage of exports in vegetables, particularly Tomatoes. That is however only one part of the story. Take for instance my business in ecommerce, it has attracted a lot of visitors (online traffic) from Pakistan and many have placed orders (shipped via India post from our base, Belagavi in India). Many more expatriate Pakistanis in UK & US and other European countries are regular customers. Many have left a kind message or two (reviews) about their transaction in social media (particularly on our Facebook page). Thousands of them are following us on most of our SMM channels and regularly interact inquiring medicines, and medical suggestions

Pakistani review on Indian business

One thing is apparent, crystal clear in fact, they are very similar to us in many many ways culturally and suffer the same way do (as in health matters). They of course love homeopathy (alternative medicine) perhaps much more that we Indians do. So there is a strong Pakistani connect with our business. And I only wish that situation improves from here on. 

Imran Khan was a charismatic leader on the cricket field, he brought together a bunch of highly volatile talent and won matches including the famous world cup from a hopeless situation for Pakistan. Can he do the same again? The pitch is very different this time and he is up against the devil (the Pakistan army) which draws its fulcrum of influence and power from anti-India shenanigans. He has the onerous task of dealing with the 'terror factory' set up by it. If he can win this battle (veer his country to ‘real’ democracy, free from the army clutches), he will be a hero for not only for Pakistanis but a god send for Indians also

February 16, 2019

Pulwama attack, another story from the Betal

An Indian story written 2500 years back goes some thing like this ….see if you can find parallel here …..King Vikram (Bharat) must bring a corpse (partition) hanging from a Banyan tree (British rule) in a graveyard to a tantric (one party that led the freedom struggle). The corpse is inhabited by Betal (a radical ideology that includes religion as state craft); a wily vampire who proves to be a challenge for King Vikram. The tantric (immature bunch of historical leaders, some holy cows included) wanted Betal so as to get to power. However Vikram is burdened with the task of getting it…he releases it from the tree but cannot control it. Every time Vikram tries to tame the Betal (numerous wars, treaties), it tells a story (Kashmir) that ends with a riddle and escapes …So Bharat is destined to live with this Betal and listen to a story (terrorist act) each time….

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