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This is my diary....what I make sense of, around me. You'll find short prose on contemporary topics that interest me. What can you expect - Best adjectives? …. hmm occasionally, tossed around flowery verbs ?…. Nope, haiku-like super-brevity? … I try to. Thanks for dropping by & hope to see you again

July 8, 2018


incredible india news
I agreed to spend the afternoon if only to understand the mystery of how a place could feel so strange , and yet so familiar - Tim Burton, dir Big Fish, 2001

April 22, 2018


When others asked the truth of me, I was convinced it was not the truth they wanted, but an illusion they could bear to live with

Anais Nin

April 8, 2018

Super Hero Comics: Sal-Man and the Black Buck episode

Check out the latest adventure of your favorite super hero. In the latest episode Sal-Man is entrapped in the spell of the hideous black buck which he had vanquished 20 years ago. It resurrects again in the bishnoi badlands of flmistaan and casts its bad spell on our righteous do-good super hero. Can Sal-Man fight off this evil spirit and escape from its clutches? 

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salman khan and black buck episode cartoon

April 1, 2018

Baggy Green, Sandpaper and Reverse Swing

It has been one hell of a fall through the rabbit hole for the australian cricket team this week. The guys who sport the baggy green cap with pride and reverence are now the poster boy cheats of the game. The kangaroos who strutted the cricket field like tough cookies just crumbled and 'bawled' in front of the cameras after getting caught & punished.

For the spectator it was a heady mix of bewilderment, humor and a tinge of sadness to see the rapid fall from grace for the Australian cricket team. For a team that inspired 'Awe' to a spectacle of 'Baww'  the fall has been swift and spectacular

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