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March 23, 2014

Why my vote goes to Modi this time.

Disclaimer first - I am an AAP party member and therefore no fan of BJP nor its leaders. Yet I am batting for the BJP for a variety of reasons this time.

First , the congress hangover has been terrible and should be gotten over quickly. The second term mandated to them was an unmitigated disaster imposed by the voters on themselves. So it’s time to put them in cold storage for a long time . There are reports that the party is in terminal decline, so this might send them into a political coma.

The last 5 years can be best described as a puppet show in delhi, the only problem is that the puppet happened to be a honest and intellectual prime minister who could neither talk nor assert himself. He ended up like a convent educated decent boy who by some strange quirk of fate ended up a monitoring a vernacular school class fully of rowdy and insolent boys.

An assertive and powerful leader is long overdue. The business sentiment in this country is as flagellated as the current PM’s non assertive voice. There is a need for some strong centrifugal force in the national polity that can keep the economic wheels moving with a clear purpose & agenda. This force should be strong enough to manage bullying & undisciplined allies.

AAP at the moment only appears to be ‘the bull in a China shop’. And there is a room of suspicion to believe that the wily congress party could have deliberately drugged this Bull and directed it to the ‘BJP’s china shop’ just at the opportune moment to see the spoilers. You can always rely on the Cong to pull out the dirtiest of tricks for self preservation.

Electing a ‘third front’ at this time is like inviting a motley band of discordant music players each carrying a different instrument to play at the funeral. Their cacophonic music can just be the crudest joke at this most somber moment with the congress leading the procession with the funeral pyre.

BJP’s propaganda machine has worked overtime to prop up the Modi’s Gujarat development model which I suspect could be his achilles heel if he comes to power. Swami Iyer has recently written a nice article in ET about why running a govt at the centre is a different ball game altogether.

My vote goes to build a strong national party at the center with an influential leader at the helm. Clearing up the congress created mess in the shortest possible time is the expectation. Modi seems the best available alternative at the moment

March 11, 2014

Flight 370 .Questions.

Is it entirely plausible, even in today's 'fly-by-wire' age, with hundreds of satellites hovering over the Horizon, with advanced avionics, radar surveillance's and thermal signature technology, for 239 people to step out into a clear blue sky, board a state of the art aircraft and just disappear into thin air?

Which brings us to the point. 

Is current technology still so nascent that they cannot pinpoint to a event that happened in the GRID (area covered by electronic/satellite sweep)? Its not like Apollo 13 that the bird was millions of miles from the earth. But in Apollo 13 Radio contact was available when disaster struck.

Interpol ( a kind of world wide web of police network) failed to detect two stolen passports in an International flight. Are we still living in the 'Catch me if you can' age?

Thirty-four planes, 40 ships and search crews from 10 countries are unable to come up with any clue  even after 3 days after the event. Is a new Bermuda kind of triangle in the offing?

Statistics put by the Economist below reveal that air travel is getting increasingly safer but wonder which category of casualty would they put the Malaysia airlines flight 370 into?

 Pic Source: Economist

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