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April 5, 2015

Art of War

‘Art of War’ is more than a phrase, it’s a ephemeral idea that practically encapsulates everything . If you know what I mean. It is also a millennial bestseller from china ( there was a tag if any). Proof that its has spawned many adaptations - Art of War for dating, Art of War for small Businesses, Art of war for living the life you want to live and so on.

At its core the book is essentially about managing resources, adapting to a situation, making the most of your advantage (however meager they may be) , solving a situational problem, keeping your forces motivated etc., all of which are the empirical baseline business principles of modern management.

At the end of it, however ironic it may be, is that the actual science of war is actually avoiding it. To imagine that 1500 years ago , an army general could envision that “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting," - Sun Tzu is simply wondrous

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