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March 27, 2010

One ‘Hella’ number

Earth churns about 43 thousand Giga bytes of data per day - so claimed a recent advertisement by IBM in newspapers. In another Symantec CEO Enrique Salem says that data organized around the world is growing at 60% a year and unstructured data is growing exponentially. 

I tried to figure out how much this works out to and after a bit of number crunching I got a number measuring 1.5 into 10 raised to power 4384 bytes of data churned in a year. I said to myself ‘one helluva of a number‘ and started to see if there were any scales to measure such dinosauric proportions.

Trudging through the standard International scale of Units i came across some fancy sounding names that currently stops at Yottabyte (10to the power 24), prior to this you have Zettabit (10*21), Exabit (10*18) and Peta (10to the power 15) and so in that order. But soon there could be one more number to this lexicon- Hellabit (10*27).

‘Hella’ - a Y generation word that probably has connotations to the American slang has been taken up as a petition with the International system of units (SI) to describe 10 to the 27 zero number. Hella is supposed to take care of measuring inter-galactic distances, wattage of sun or may be some day the online storage capacity of facebook servers.

However all these fancy name calling reminded me of one venerable Ms.Centillion (1 followed by 303 zeroes). This gal stuck in the minds of a few star struck FBNO*s who not long ago had named a wannabe financial services BPO this far fetched name. But soon all its zeros went scurrying for cover leaving the poor 1 behind. And true to its numbers it had become a ‘one’ year wonder.

*fly-by-night operators

March 16, 2010

Moping Redux

How are fat girls and mopeds alike? They're both fun to ride until your friends find out. So goes a college joke but on a serious note the joys of moped riding ( or what I call Moping) on congested city riding dawned upon me in recent years and it was more by chance than design.

A decade or so back, I had sold my one & only two wheeler; a veritable Hero Honda CD 100 (in pic below) and had switched over to a car since . That Bike had been steadfast with me through my college days & early job period. A staid & steady Japanese bike of 1985 make it was among those types which were initially assembled in India. This bike took enough beating under my driving so much so that it had to suffer one major heart transplant (i mean engine reboring) during its tenure.

But about 11 years back I replaced it with a Indica V2 to take up my commuting needs & followed it up with Santro Xing in 2003. Thereafter my driving routine changed , and I resigned myself to the dull & drab driving of city car commuting. Then one day this happened, I had to go somewhere & the car was at the service centre. So invariably I turned my sight on this lean machine. At first sight it did not please me, a small fragile frame & hoi polloi looks put me off but the commuting majboori of the moment made me to ignore all that & give it a try. And lo! behold before I could try more expletives, the moped was revving smartly through bangalore’s congested roads.

Einsteins theory on the relative motion of bodies struck me hard when I realized my relatively better new found acceleration . Commuting through the dense Bangalore traffic like a hot knife wading through the butter, it made driving a breeze and I reached my destination much faster . So life suddenly seemed to be on the faster lane, relatively speaking that is .

This TVS Super was a bike that Laxmi fondly brought to Bangalore after it had dutifully served her in the hill town of Manipal. I guess the bike may not have exerted much there , for the distance between her house (a staff quarter allocated to her father who also taught there) to her alma mater, the MIT (Manipal Institute of Technology) where she later taught must have barely been 150 meters. I fondly named it Laxmi’s dhanno , inspired by Basanti’s mount in Sholay.

And Dhanno found its true calling on the bustling roads of Bangalore. Not only could it could zig zag its way through unruly traffic with remarkably agility, parking was an added convenience and real bonus. This was a minor pleasure in itself. Now I could thumb a finger at all those rogue motorists who gave me a nightmare in the car. And of course the bike could squeeze through the tightest of openings in parking lots as also those dense standing traffic awaiting the green light nirvana. It brought down the commuting time on my designated routes by almost 50% - no scientific tests but simple funda, this 2 wheeler of a widget could simply wriggle its way through traffic , either standing or slow moving , so much so that it always ended up at the front of the traffic signal or near about . This gave a lot of leeway in bringing down the commuting times as the queuing length decreased & the frontal traffic dint slow one down.

So every time I venture out with this machine and take a look at the ever increasing traffic on Bangalore’s congested roads , I may be subconsciously murmuring ‘Chal meri Dhanno’ .

March 7, 2010

Beholding a sight in a denuding city

If you are driving on Queens road or down the Windsor manor bridge towards Mekhri circle you cannot miss these sights nowadays. These trees are a riot of bright Yellow flowers that are in full bloom and present an amazing sight in the mornings. I have caught some of these pics from my mobile camera while driving but the actual sights are spectacular. The common name for this is ‘Tree of Gold’ or in botanical terms ‘Tabebuia argentea’, originally from south Americas. These trees are almost denude of any leaves, maybe most of them are lost in winter and are fully covered with these Yellow blossoms that stand out. Their flowering season I am told is short and so one should not miss this spectacular sight. More so for another reason, the indiscriminate tree cutting that is happening in the name of road widening is robbing this city of not only its rich greenery but its crowning jewels.

A RTI filing reply states that for Road widening and Metro Project the BBMP has from 2007 till date cut 2123 trees including the ones which were in danger of falling due to various reasons. But these are only official figures, consider this, S Sivasailam MD of Bangalore Metro Rail Corpn Ltd says that while the elevated section of 32 Kms will fell 2000 trees, the underground alignment of 9 kilometres would have consumed about 1,100 trees .

The sad but moot point in all these is how many of the above flowering plants were lost ?

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