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March 27, 2016

eCommerce - Happiness in a Box

Ecommerce industry jingles with online deals and brings the new santa to town. The ubiquitous door delivery boy is the poster boy of this revolution sweeping the Indian consumer market. You simply cant miss out on the slew of ads on televisions these days; a patient to his doctor and a subordinate to his Boss are all egging them on to buy online. Even this morning NEWS headline talks about how the Bansal of flipkart and Bahl of Snapdeal are slugging at each other on twitter. Hilarious as it were, when the smoking chimneys (where tones of money is being burnt) points to both their concerns.

Actually ecommerce is a god send for the 'right-here-want-now generation' and the shopping cart their new quick-getaway.. The surge of shopaholic adrenaline with the eye popping online offers and portals blaring out ‘return return…apni dukan’ is simply irresistible. The SHOP NOW click is the new nirvana to a better life and the door delivery man with the box in hand is its harbinger.

The backpack boy (usually carrying a huge bag) is the new ‘daakia’ (postman) in town with the ‘sign here please’ slogan. They are an army even in tier-3 cities, scanning out offices and building in their two wheelers and delivering parcels. While some belong to in-house teams of large ecommerce companies like Amazon, many others to courier companies like Delhivery, First Flight, Aramex etc

Ask any eCommerce bloke and he will point that delivery part is getting to be the expensive, least efficient (in India), and most problematic part of the overall customer fulfillment process. Millions of packages exchange hands every day, cash gets transferred from one pocket to another. And these guys are racing against time to ensure deliveries much like the pizza delivery boys.

The Indian consumer is not only value conscious (looking for better deals) but also valuing convenience i.e, the ease of getting the products home delivered. So when the door bells rings , the delivery boy is nothing but a Santa bringing home the goodies. It brings smiles, excitement, and a hope for a better tomorrow. Our new marketing campaign at homeomart.com captures this new spirit of ecommerce. 

ecommerce Happiness in a box

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