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December 28, 2013

6 Management Ideas that Kejriwal has ushered with his AAP

1. Disruption – AAP and Kejriwal showed us how disruption can be ushered in politics. With a non existent political machinery (read cadre based organization) , almost no or limited funding & backing and with no specific patronage or lineage, all perceived entry barriers, his party emerged from being a mass protest movement to a potent political force in the shortest possible time. He changed the paradigm for the way election is fought & won in this country

2. Market Timing – If the Delhi electorate could be looked upon as one large market of votes, Kejriwal was its brilliant marketer. He had the pulse of this ‘market’ from the time he saw the response to Anna Hazare fast against LokPal bill and wasted no time devising a ‘strategy to market’ which practically took less than a year to convert the votes to power.

3. Innovate : Kejriwal innovated on ‘people engagement model’ in politics. His concept of reaching out to the masses through ‘Mohalla Sabhas’ and having their say in local development was a big leap in devolution of power . Similarly reaching out to people for small contributions instead of institutional funding to fight elections was a novel way to reach out and connect with people

4. Focus - Kejriwal rallied all his energy and forces around one powerful theme - to fight corruption  at all costs. He cleverly identified himself with Anna Hazare in the ‘anti corruption movement’ and in way used the movement as a springboard to politics. Later he attacked the main political parties with a series of ‘exposures’ to strengthen his agenda. The corruption ridden Govt at the center and states were easy fodder for him and he had his opponents on the Mat even before the fight began.

5. Branding – by choosing the broom as his political symbol, he conveyed a powerful visual metaphor of cleaning up politics and the establishment. With his anti corruption agenda firmly implanted in the political consciousness of people, it was time to represent it with a simple yet powerful symbol.

6. Differentiate - ‘positioning’ in management parlance; he  set a publicly accountable behavior by refusing the perks of power such as security or official bungalow. By traveling in public transport or in his own modest car, and by taking oath in a public ground in front of the crowd, he has resorted to novel ways in differentiating himself and his party in the minds of the people.

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December 21, 2013

Django Unchained

This is one gooood MASALA movie I came across in a while. SONYPIX premiered the movie last Sunday and boy! Quentin Tarantino had me fixated on this movie from the word go. Even though i tuned in a while after the movie had started.

This is almost the flick every dreamy eyed movie-goer aspires for. A story of two African slaves (a couple actually) separated in the slavery era, Jamie Foxx plays the swashbuckling hero (Django), the eternal romantic madly in love with his wife (Broomhilda) and determined to find her at any cost.

He pairs up with  Christopher waltz (
Schultz)  a German Bounty Hunter, and the two catch up on some business with the bad arses in the American badlands from Texas to Mississippi . Tarantino is a master of the bluster and the bombastic; the gun fights and the blasts are spectacularly his stylistic flourishes. The guns of the historical period depicted in the movie could have hardly reloaded that fast or were anything but accurate. But who cares as long we are on a Tarantino groovy train, right ?

Leonardo DiCaprio marks entry as a delectable plantation owner (Calvin Candie) interested in Mandingo fighters and slave trade. He has broomhilda as the household slave but does not realize that the duo have planned to hoodwink him with a plan to get her out. His shrewd butler, played by Samuel L. Jackson (his make up was pathetic i must say) soon finds it out and the plot then unfolds and races to a fiery climax.

A wildly enjoyable movie with crackling dialogues, remarkable soundtrack and awesome cast. The movie is wildly comical too, there is a hilarious scene involving a bunch of a negro lynch mob followers (pre-KKK) discussing how difficult it is to see out of their hoods and to ride at the same time!! In another, Tarantino comically blows out Candie's widowed older sister Lara Lee out of the frame with a mere gun shot.

Go watch the movie if you have fallen in love with oldies like "Once Upon a Time in the West" or "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" or have been mesmerized by Tarantino’s earlier flicks.

Finally a word about the director - he is the Steve Jobs equivalent of the celluloid . Reservoir dogs, Pulp fiction, Inglorious Basterds & now this …. phew!! gotta hand it to this guy.

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