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October 6, 2014

Argumentative Commotion - 10 questions to the media

Dear News Channel,

Every day evening I switch on to you to catch up on current happenings around the world but what is dished out to me is something entirely different. So here is my list of questions to you and the Press council of India

1. Why is News offered as News Debates? Why do I have to listen to 4-5 panel members and their often biased (and generally ill informed) opinions on various topics one after another as prime NEWS

2. Why can’t you just report the NEWS just ‘as it is’ instead of communicating it through the prism of your values, beliefs, and priorities? And since much of media is owned by political parties & Business houses, is it fair to believe that this practice could be biased and motivated at times?

3. It is common knowledge that what you dish out is for the consumption of the illiterate or semi literate in the viewer category (who happens to be your largest consumer segment). Is it not dumbing down of your general viewer in other socio economic category?

4. Why is everything sensationalized? Do you think you can earn more TRPs just by sexing up the NEWS or by provoking somebody?

5. Most of what you people report - is it 100% factually correct? Does it stand technical, legal or procedural scrutiny?

6. Why does the prime time News anchor have to take on the mantle of being the conscience keeper of the Nation (as Arnab Goswami of Times Now claims)? Why does the news channel management give news anchors so much autonomy to act like the ‘ Judge, Jury & the Executioner’ on complex News subjects in about 10 minutes time.

7. Why do you News channel advertise your market share so aggressively? Do you have to tell me that your tribe of misled viewers is growing by the day?

8. There are regular faces on your panel lists - people who can provide a ‘spin’ on a topic or indulge in intellectual mast**bation. Are these ‘regular’ panelists who put so much of presentation skills on display do it for nothing?

9. Why does the debate generally end up in a shouting and slanging matches? Is it not ‘argumentative commotion’ offered as informed opinions?

10. Why is paid media not a crime? Why does the media still indulge in it?

Finally please take a honest survey about what the common public and the intelligentsia have to say about the media in India. Do you think Bollywood mocking you people through ‘Peepli Live’ was just a flash in the pan.

Looking forward to a response.

Exasperated Viewer

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