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February 6, 2010

Kangaroo Sausage Vs Vada Pav

After Shiv Sena threatened violence against Australian cricketers in India , the Australian PM Kevin Rudd (KR) who was fed up with all the Indian media hype & hoopla and the headache it had created decided to do some back room diplomacy. So he called Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray (UT) to discuss the matter , here it goes...

KR: Hey Mate, howdya doin?

UT: (in Marathi) Me bindaas aahe, ani tu ( I am OK you?)

KR: Hey maan I don’t understand you, can you speak English?

KR: In Maharashtra only Marathi, understand?

KR: But hey...I am calling you from Canberra Australia....and its important?

UT: Asa Kaay... Okay ...saang...i mean speak.

KR: why are you folks threatening our cricketers? They haven’t done anything to Indians over here.

UT: All you Australians the same....you people are thrashing Indians day in & out and we can’t keep quite

KR: Dont sell me that bloke, if I were to point, you guys are doing a similar thing with your own countrymen, I mean North Indians in Mumbai

UT: But we don’t trash them black & blue like you guys, we only slap them for not speaking Marathi & occasionally beat them up when they come to write our railway exams. But you guys do it because you are white...

KR: (interrupts irritatedly) Let me get to the duck’s gut on this one mate, we’ve some dingos out here in the back alleys out to flog the dags , if it turns out be some iffy Indian students that doesn’t mean all Australians are racist.

UT: Your cricketers are no better than your thugs; they behave like one on the field. You remember the last 2 series ?

KR: Hey we like our bangers on the field too.... even if it happens to be joey’s like Harbhajan & Sreesanth , if you guys got the donk have a go at us maan , fair & square on the field.

UT: Teechayla....arrre aamchi Marathi manoos Sachin does that regularly with your guys but we do it our style , we dig up pitches. ....ani haanh i forgot to tell you, next time you come to Mumbai better learn Marathi otherwise no cab driver will take you for a ride.

Kevin was exasperated & banged the phone down, Uddhav was exalted that he had stolen the thunder from down under; otherwise Raj Thackeray would have outdone him to that too.
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