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July 10, 2010

Growing up in the 80s

Inspired by a mail that my friend Kiran Bagade sent recently I have made my list of what it was like growing up in the 80s. Life was much simpler then and there were a lot of things one easily identified with, I am sure everybody would have their own fav list

• Going to school meant either taking a ride in dad’s Vespa scooter or Fiat (1100D) Car or being left by the servant in an atlas cycle. There was no such thing called school vans or private operators.

• There was no such thing called traffic signals or traffic jams , schools usually operated from early morning to early evenings

• Calling somebody outside your town meant logging a trunk call and waiting for the call back ring from the operator who most of the times sounded more animate than the voice overs today

• Thumsup,Torino or Goldspot was the usually preferred drink available in the market, these came in thick bottles and usually had a ring of yellow or red at the openings when the caps were opened

• Coming from school at the end of the day, one had to usually wash the hands thoroughly covered with ink stains from leaking ink pens

• Following a Cricket Test match during school meant running to the canteen radio or the nearby class during recess to crowd around the guy carrying a pocket transistor

• The West Indies cricket team were ruling the roost, thay had a halo around for their super fast bowlers & for batsman like Clive llyod, Haynes & Greenidge who almost seemed to play endlessly & never get out

• 7 p.m meant Krishi Darshan on Television, followed by Jan Hai Jahan Hai at 7:30 p.m. 8 pm meant Chitrahaar or Living planet on week days.

• You religiously followed Lajjoji, lallu & Bhadki in Humlog on weekdays . Other days you followed Khandaan , Nukkad, Byomkesh Bakshi et al.,

• Sundays meant a half day of running serials on Doordarshan: 7-8 am slot was for Keertans followed by children serial between 8-9am, 9 -12 was reserved for family drama serials that included Rajni , Wagle ki Duniya etc

• The ads that accompanied the serials were :Vicks, Nirma, Bajaj, Colgate,Sylvania Laxman,Dunlop, Btex, Topaz, Surf et al.,

• Sunday afternoon meant boring regional films that usually were depressing art movies assisted by subtitles. Followed by ‘Vikram aur Betaal’ in the early evenings.

• News were read by serious commentators behind a flat blue background with Doordarshan logo on the upper right corner of TV. The video clippings sometimes used to get mixed up or audio not forthcoming but it spared us of discussion and opinion mongering by panelists.

• You did not get to hear of Terrorism or Global warming on the News. ‘The world this week’ captured themes like Cold war, Iran-Iraq conflict etc. Kashmir dint make any news on the national front and BJP was still a babes in the wood.

• Telecast could suddenly go blank followed by ‘Rukawat ke liya Khed hai’ message.

• One could get pirated new films on VCRs (an oversized version of magnetic audio tapes) whose distinguishing feature was crackling noises, images that seemed stretched in the middle or edges, color bands and running advertising titles at the bottom.

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