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May 28, 2011

Predator on the prowl

This year RCB has been propelled by sheer Gayle power. In many a matches of IPL that featured RCB pitch report has been inconsequential, what has mattered is the weather report which many a time has warned about the impending Gayle storm. And struck it has with brute force like in yesterday’s match (against MI) where  the opposition was numbed by the onslaught. 
Yesterday my friend Shaz made a prediction based on numbers (termed  Numbo-Jumbo) that said ‘Prepare for the Gayle-storm on Friday the 27th, a D9C9. His name number adds up to 27, and his tee reads 333'.

By the 5th over the result had been scripted and as one of the commentators mentioned ‘it was already showing on the body language of the Mumbai Indians’.

Watch this guy closely, when he walks on to the crease along with his partner the difference in physical attributes is not the only thing striking. His imposing frame apart, with the helmet on and his beaded hair streaming out at its sides I cant help but imagine of the Predator in the 1987 flick. In the movie the creature (that looks a bit like horseshoe crab) has a mask on with hair like appendages struck to its skull. This creature is supposed to be ‘a  member of a warrior race which hunts aggressive members of other species for sport’. 

Exactly  what appears to be happening with Gayle vs others in this edition of IPL.

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