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January 22, 2012

A reunion & how!

What if you turn back the clock by 25 years even for a day? How about being the same old student of your school all over again ?  Wishful as it may sound but I and many of my batch-mates (the 1987 batch of St.Mary’s High School Belgaum) actually lived this dream recently. Thanks to Facebook it all began as a small interaction group last year and soon we were all bitten  by this  fast approaching Silver Jubilee bug.  And so we decided to approach the school authorities & the chargé d'affaires, Ms.Jasmine Rubdy  who taught us science subjects not only readily heeded to our requests but also accommodated our extraordinary request - to  make us a part of the school routine for one full day

So on a pleasant winter morning we assembled and stood in  the usual  rank & file along with all other students of classes (1-10) for the morning school prayers. Earlier it used to be the school ground but now it’s the  school portico but it really didn’t matter.  We followed it up with a class room session where some of our old teachers who now retired gladly joined us for an interaction. The classroom commotion was as usual, proving the boys& girls  hadn’t really grown much through the years.  Nostalgia also rented the air & one could see the same old glint in the teacher's eyes when they addressed us, the old sternness now replaced by a mellowed sense of affection probably by the awareness that we now sat there as parents to children we once were. Their pearls of wisdom were simple but profound,  and the impact was mighty double for I was seeing them now in their twilight years singed by  sagely wisdom & experience.

When the class got over for the noon recess the only thing different this time was that we did not dart out of the classroom with  all the old  gaiety, noise  & expending all the pent up energy we used to. Nonetheless we all sat around in the same old environment and had lunch together. Though the school has changed vastly over the years some of the old banyan trees were still around to provide us the shade from the winter sun. 

Later in the noon, like the good old days, we played football in the blazing sun and had some competitive sports to keep our adrenalin going. Later we went through a ritual that might have astounded many - a passing out parade for the Matriculation batch that had been customary but somehow bereft this batch 25 seasons ago.  Imagine the nostalgia & excitement in us to reclaim our rights of passage from the school , we seemed to be tackling our mid life crisis in a different way!

The crowning glory moment came in the evening get-together when our school principal Mr.Guruprem David joined us for  a brief while. Old and in flailing health, and struck down by paralysis, he sat in his car and had a good look at the crowd, he waived his hands animatedly & the emotions for once did not betray him. For the old students whom many knew as a tough & disciplined teacher, it was the defining moment of the reunion.
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