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September 1, 2013

Dork trilogy - 1

What you practically learn at a Business consulting firm should have been a more apt title to this book. You cant help but giggle & occasional guffaw through the passages of the book as Mr.Robin Varghese, the freshly minted MBA malayali boy out of an Ivy business school, goes through as part of his initiation into management consulting world. The author has a terrific sense of humor and this runs through the entire book making it eminently readable.

It could well be a Desi story inspired and ideashopped over what they don’t teach you Harvard business school. Take the basic principles propounded in the book, mix it with generous dollops of a bumbling lead character, garnish it with some outrageous incidents and turn of events and finally bake it on a humorous plot. And lo voila! You get Dork: The incredible adventure of Robin Einstein Varghese

So what does a dufferson do in blunderland? He realizes that Management practice is one big humbug about the hype it’s made out to be and his learning curve is a big nonsense . Even the creamiest of MBA’s and the so called true blue consulting firms are no better at,

1. Decking up their presentation from ready made stuff available on the internet
2. Cloaking practical talk with jargon's & even more jargon to convey impression of knowing more than they actually do
3. Fleecing clients without caring a fig leaf  about ethics.
4. Being more of a problem than solution to clients

Seems very familiar to real world situation (i.e, inside Consulting's black box). Must say. 

After several bouts of insanely humorous drunken stupor where Varghese comes on to his own in a matter of speaking, two client assignments where he learns the tricks of the trade, he realizes that half the partners in his consulting firms are fools who knew nothing and how his profession was all about suckering up and backstabbing .

Incredible turn of events however catapult him from a substandard consultant facing disciplinary action one day, to a unexpected management hero and a media celebrity the next day .

A cubicleist’s rite of passage through office culture, people and practices in a novel, humorous way marks a promising beginning for Mr.Sidin Vadukut in this first volume of the Dork trilogy.
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