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August 29, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I have done many small acts of charity in the past, but none that remotely involved ice nor bragging about it with friends and family.

But when I see friends doing that on social media I wonder whether its narcissism at play or plain simple concern for a disorder that is as insignificant as Afghanistan cricket is to ICC rankings

I mean the nasty virus ebola in liberia or Assad’s weapons in Syria is killing more people now than ALS would in about 100 years. The world’s attention is pouring cold water over that fact. 

I must admit that it was fun watching the likes of Bill Gates & Zuckerberg taking up the challenge, many celebrities got the attention, but did they donate any money ?

Pouring a bucket of cold water over a unsuspecting victim has always been a popular trick. This one was a clever variation and therefore very creative. Trendy because it caught on with the celebrities and commoners alike

I personally find it no better than a unwelcome’ subscription' offer. I will certainly not take part in the challenge for various reasons; the least being it can kill.

If you really want to contribute, pls do so for my cousin Ajay Rao whose plea is as original as it can get

Please contribute Rs. 1000 to AMOS (Ajay's Mercedes Obsession Syndrome). Those who don't want to donate (Cheap ba******!) need to make a goat sit on top of an inverted empty ice bucket and give it a slow lap dance. The proceeds from donations as well as the rights to those very entertaining videos, will be used to bribe the SPCG (Society for the prevention of cruelty to Goats) officials to get from them a back dated NOC and of course to buy Ajay Rao a shiny black Mercedes Maybach (with grey hub caps). Donate soon.. he's very very sick!!!
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