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November 29, 2015

100 years and still elementary Mr.Einstein!

In my earlier post i wrote how Albert Einstein made for a great humanist and social thinker. His biggest contribution was however reserved for science - but how many realize that he changed science itself by redrawing the basic understanding of the universe?

Most of the scientific findings in human history have been like sedimentary deposits on the rising plinth of human discovery and understanding. But one man’s findings were so extra ordinary and fundamentally different that the entire scientific edifice had to be remolded to his findings. 100 years to date.

Armed with just 10 equations he redefined gravity in terms of how it bent space and time in unimaginable ways (if you want to see how Gravity can play havoc with Time and Space watch the latest Hollywood flick Interstellar). In comparison Issac Newton and Charles Darwin appeared child’s play in the complexities he solved involving multiple variables seemingly contradicting each other.

His theory puts everything in perspective - right from the structure of the universe to its beginning as the mother of all explosions (Big Bang)

Humanity took one huge leap with his equations setting in motion a fundamental thought– what exactly happened a few seconds after the universe was born and its corollary - what will happen in its final dying moments. 

This infographic traces the uncharacteristic journey of this remarkable man for most of his formative years

My tribute once again to the man who primarily changed my perception (& countless million others) and enriching humanity‘s progress - which by all yardsticks is a spec in the vast expanse of the universe’s timelines.

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