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January 10, 2016

Star Wars - The Force Awakens: film review

Star Wars - The force awakens’ plot is a grand running continuum, in this episode Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi has gone into hibernation. He is ostensibly devastated by the back stabbing done by one of his protege-in-resistance. Meanwhile his bête noire, the evil first order has risen from total destruction of the empire and will not stop until it gets him.

In his absence his sister,General Leia Organa leads a brave resistance with the help of the republic. She needs to find Luke (her brother) and help restore peace and justice to the galaxy. She begins the search at planet called Jakku through an old supporter who has some clue to Luke's hiding place.And thus begins a grand adventure, with the evil empire led by Kylo Ren close on their heels.

star wars - the force awakens sketch for blog review

Star Wars - The force awakens is a movie set on a inter galactic scale, a creative potboiler that seems to have drawn from Star Trek, Men in Black and Avatar . Its about the good vs the evil fight in a far off Galaxy, and the pursuit of order and justice spearheaded by Luke Skywalker, the Jedi and the fight with dark forces led by the first order. This sequel (which is a running franchise) is probably a staging event for the return of the Jedi in the next installment (he appears in only one singular frame reserved in the end).

Why you must see the movie, Star Wars -The force awakens?

1. The size and scale of imagination is awesome, right from the space junkyard with massive space ship debris to the intergalactic gun (the fierce machine) which obliterates planets in one swoop

2. The pace is riveting. One big chase between the resistance and the first order henchmen for the micro chip that will lead to the missing Jedi

3. The next-gen Hollywood talent is in the offing. With people like Harrison aging (he barely seemed to hold himself together in the movie, i mean physically though) other leading characters actors (newbies) remind me of actors like Denzil Washington, Al Pacino.

4. The thrill of space ships zooming-in 3D at fourteen parsecs, and the life size scale of the space stations are breath taking.

Despite all the space razzmatazz the human element in Star Wars - The force awakens makes it so engaging;
a son (kylo Ren) who has drifted into darkness (evil ) because he believes his father (Hans Solo) was weak and foolish,
an ordinary space junk collector (Ray) discovers her true potential in pursuit of the good

The dialogues are crackling too, sample this
Kylo Ren: Look how old you've become.
Lor San Tekka: Something far worse has happened to you.

Kylo Ren ( who looks like the evil Bane from The Dark Knight Rises with a costume that resembles a Nazi Black Helmet and a cloak is not dead, it remains to be seen what supreme leader Snoke trains him up to in the next episode. But the old fox Han Solo sadly will be missed as the space smuggler meets a tragic end in the memorable father-son encounter
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