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February 12, 2016

aam aadmi party news front: 1 year in office

cartoon image showing aam aadmi party being attacked by BJP news

The current NEWS on the aam aadmi party (AAP) front is rather sober; about its performance on the eve of its 1st year in office. Something that should be seen in the backdrop of the BJP’s destabilizing influence in the national capital. Because the saffron party on its part has left no stone unturned, after its humiliating performance at the Poll hustles where it could manage only 3 measly seats. 

With overwhelming mandate from the people of Delhi, it did not have any democratic space even as an opposition in the assembly. The 3 MLA’s on their part were only like a fig leaf in a unprecedented AAP whirlwind that swept Delhi elections last year. Poll success apart, the aam aadmi party was stuck in a peculiar set up where constitutionally it does not have all the powers like other states to exercise control over the executive. Moreover APP in the past 1 year had to ride the roughshod of political turbulence created by its adversary to disturb its normal functioning and discredit its performance in various ways
  •  Lt. Governor of Delhi who has extra ordinary constitutional powers is thrown in to become a major spanner in the wheels of the Govt. Egged and supported by the Union Govt , he has created an administrative quagmire where officials are confused about the real authority governing them - appointments & transfers were stopped, jurisdiction questioned, legislation opposed etc. Even the white elephant brigade (the IAS cadre) was emboldened to stage a mini coup against the AAP Govt
  • The Delhi Police, steeped in corruption, found itself mugged by a clean & transparent aam aadmi party govt that went hard on corruption (its watering hole). So the Delhi police was more than eager to bark and bite for the centre, and the brutality and hostility it unleashed on the Govt was unparalleled in the country. AAP MLA’s apart even ordinary protesters are being roughed by these uniformed brutes as evident in NEWS recently
  • The courts had to step in matters like Govt files being taken away in CBI raids and the crisis like situation created by worker unions of MCD (that were tacitly supported by the BJP) that left Delhi stinking
There are many undercurrents of Sabotage and subterfuge that may go unnoticed but AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal is resolute, at times he is exasperated (which came out as a vitriolic outburst against the Prime Minister) recently. The BJP has not exactly covered itself in glory with its relationship with other parties or allies either; PDP is miffed, TMC is furious, AIADMK is sulking, Mulayam is blowing hot & cold and so on.

As far as the performance of AAP 2.0 goes, check out what unbiased and informed citizens have to say about how the aam aadmi party govt fared, here in a leading online forum for opinions.
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