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November 16, 2016


One of the most respected business conglomerate in this country is embroiled in a bitter battle at the very top. Accusations and counter allegations between Ratan Tata and Cyrus Mistry is flying thick and fast. Cyrus's ignominious exit from the chairmanship of the group (under dubious circumstances) has now spilled in a turf war on the boards of TATA group companies. All this points to one thing - the sparkling white image of the TATA's is now stained beyond repair...TATA has become TARTAR. The public spat has become a sorry tale of one upmanship of Ratan Tata who was long expected to ride in the sunset. His prodigy was non other than a clansman ( parsi) who was anointed after much fanfare (global executive search is what the TATA's would like to call it).


Tata identity before


TATA identity after the fiasco


Like Tartar (dental terminology for yellow color on Teeth) this unsavory spat threatens to tarnish the image of Tata with sordid allegations of mismanagement, misappropriation, dismantling of organizational structure, betrayal etc.
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