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April 20, 2010


I try to echo some contemporary thoughts through this Blog, however at times it can be an echo of an echo that is worth echoing. Take for instance a quote I came across recently, this famous quote by lord Samuel says 'The answer to our prayer may be the echo of our resolve'. This profound thought reminded me of Dr Smiley Blanton , a well known psychiatrist and psychoanalyst , who many believe was the real inspiration behind Norman Vincent Peale, had written a paper on how a person can tap into the tremendous reservoir of power locked within oneself.

As a matter of habit & attitude Dr.Blanton says ‘ First trust and believe in the hidden power within you’. He further goes on to explain; A psychiatrist might say 'Have faith in your unconscious'. A clergyman might say 'Have faith in God'. Personally I see no conflict between the two ideas. Indeed they may well be the same idea expressed differently. After all it was the founder of Christianity who said ' the kingdom of God is within you'.

I could see the quote of Lord Samuel resonating well with that of Dr Smiley Blanton.

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