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April 7, 2010

Howse that?

I got my son to mingle with a bunch of kids playing a game of cricket at the Indiranagar children’s park recently. My 5 year old son (Niks) was among the younger of this group of 7-8 year olds. When his turn came to bat i helped him to hold the bat & showed him how to swing it. A couple of swings & misses later we finally connected the bat to ball and then I stepped to the sidelines.

I cheered him at a distance as he took a fresh guard - this time all alone. The first ball bowled and his bat was no where near. By the time the next ball was bowled I shouted to encourage him to connect the bat. But to my dismay the shout distracted him, he dropped his bat and turned at me with a quizzical look. The ball by then had somehow managed to go & hit the stumps (which by now had notoriously shifted by a step to the right from where the batsman stood;courtesy the naughty wicketkeeper). Meanwhile Niks wondered why the other boys had begun cheering and finally after parting his bat with much resistance he ran up to me with teary eyes asking ‘what you said Papa?’
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