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March 26, 2012

Chacha Sam Vs Vodafone

One thing I always felt while dealing with govt and its functionaries; if not a outright  raw deal  certainly not equitable at most times. It’s as if one has to take a deliberate lower  ground while dealing with them and they leave no stone unturned to  make you feel at one time or the other as to who finally calls the shots. 

Every Govt functionary including politicians seem to carry this invisible crown over his head with the emblematic Ashoka lions & Chakra  in the center........... imagine uncle Sam kinda guy  with a Indian crown (Kirit) and you get my picture.

When this govt , all powerful & mighty as it is, is shown its place and asked to behave what does it do ? Change the rules of the game of course! 

For sometime now I have been keenly following the developments on the Govt v/s Vodafone slug-fest that culminated in the highest court of the land favoring the latter. The court went into the letter & spirit of the Indian tax laws (reading sec 5 & 9 of IT act in its right light ) and it dint get swayed by how the govt interpreted it, hard as it tried.

The  Vodafone guys  are no saints in white robes  either, the shrewd neocolonialists of the Robert Clive variety,  outflanked & outwitted the Govt guys by nicely working out a deal outside India and beyond the scope of their vice like grip. They entered the huge Indian telecom markets by working out a ownership transfer deal in one of the shady islands where most tax evasion deals are made. Only in this case the size of the lolly was too big for the Govt to ignore, something like 55000 crores. 

And cocking a snoop under their very noses was too much to bear for this chacha Sam of the Raisina hill. They had to bear their fangs . They will pass new laws that seeks to provide clarification with retrospective effect all the way back to 1961 when the actual legislation was passed. This move will help them prepare policy nooses that will  rein in many runaway cases  such as vodafone.

Its a new way of acting wiser after the event but eventually the Govt wants to have the last laugh – Heads I win tails you lose variety.
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