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May 21, 2012

A twit & a match with a twist

RCB went down to DC in IPL 5.0 yesterday. Repeated clips of opinion surveys telecasted during the show indicated that almost 78% favored RCB to go through the playoffs by beating DC who have been offcolor during this tournament.  

RCB surprisingly went down chasing a modest total once again exposing a major chink in their middle order. Their batting order number 1, 2 & 3 is solid but if it is cracked open especially under pressure, the mushy middle order spills out like  a gooey.

But in the final analysis RCB were done more by arrogance than anything else , the  players seemed to carry the attitude of their owner brat Siddharth Mallya  on to the field. The manner in which Gayle got out was nothing less cavalier than his tweeting Boss who earlier 'Twit' ted about Zohal hamid in the most distasteful fashion. Only a spoilt superbrat could have mustered the arrogance to tweet such a dumb  piece of opinion when the country was aghast at the sexploits of the marauding Aussie.

Mallya Sr. will not have any more predicaments while making a choice between IPL & Monaco grand prix. He would have had a tough choice on hand had his cricket team made it to the playoffs & then to the finals.
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