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October 18, 2012

Romney : a good run for Obama’s money

So Mitt Romney comes to the fore. The two presidential debates have gone a round each, Obama pulling it back in the New York round. Unlike Obama, Romney did not appear relaxed here, seemed too eager to pull the punches on his opponent. He came across as someone trying too hard to woo the middle class Americans. He may be right if anti incumbency, something which makes Indian voters frequently exercise, happens in America too . As a shrewd politician he probably hinges his bet on the frustration & pent up anger of the vast majority of Americans who are reeling under high unemployment rates coupled with rising cost of living.

The debate was intense in parts, akin to two heavyweights going at each other. While Romney kept on charging like Joe Fraser, Obama was nimble footed and dodged like a Butterfly a la Ali. The round went to Obama in as much as Romney’s failure in convincing the audience on 3 counts

1. Tackling the Energy issue
2. Balancing the Budget
3. Countering China

Romney kept on harping on utilizing unused Federal lands for Oil prospecting & laying some Pipline across Canada. Obama on the other hand conveyed a longer mature vision on energy security with emphasis on new energy sources coupled with efficiencies in consumption. On the second issue Romney was all over the place with his numbers & as the moderator summed it up ‘ the math did not add up’ in his case. On China Romney was belligerent & blamed china for manipulating the currency and gaining unfair trade advantage (which is true) but Obama handled this issue tactfully while Romney came across as someone too eager to go at China’s throat.

All in all there seems to be a interesting battle on hand this time around . Romney may not have the polish & oratory skills of Obama but he is certainly up there in terms of connecting with his audience. And unlike earlier presidential challengers Romney does not appear too stony, aloof & caricature like (John Kerry) nor dull and staid ( like McCain). He seems to connect with the audience, his persona seems right from a Hollywood stable like Independence day which in the end may be that little extra to push him across the finish line. .

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