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November 1, 2012

City Bang Bang

Consider the activity that characterizes a Big city at any moment. Apartment clusters hum with life, large Malls & Shopping Complexes churn, small businesses ship products, people are eating at every conceivable outlet even on makeshift pavement, large open sewer lines direct waste. All across a 25 Km radius, police chase criminals, handshakes secure deals, lovers rendezvous, teachers profess, patients await treatment in Hospitals and children attend schools ; all this while a huge pileup of the byproduct happens - huge mounds of Garbage!

And when the city is unable to dispose it off, the result is akin to a patient in ICU on dialysis. Bangalore city is going through the throes of such a crisis at the moment. It badly needs a dialysis and its nowhere in sight. Yesterday it rained copiously throughout the day, thanks to cyclone Nilam and the traffic also piled up like the garbage on its roads. A perfectly miserable day of outing for its commuters.

Yet as this happens nothing seems to suggest this is going to change soon; a slumbering civic body, indifferent masses, a Govt squabbling within itself . Nobody seems to care how much of Garbage is being produced & packed away; that of course until it ends up in their backyard.

As though this is not enough another thing occupies the mind space at the moment. I would certainly want to know the details of the food supply chain to the city - how the Chickens around the city especially Hesarghatta area are eating & how many are being eaten (by the Bird flu).
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