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December 28, 2014

and the 2014 award goes to ..

1. Much Ado about Nothing Award - Ajay Maken for leading the high decibel Congress (INC) poll campaign in the 2014 elections to get a resounding thumbs down from voters

2. Kundi fellow of the year award - Indian cricket captain M S Dhoni for giving a clean chit to Meyappan as a cricket enthusiast much before Mudgal report damned him as a confirmed bookie.

3. Bak-Bak Sur award for nuisance reporting – Arnob Goswami for his unflinching commitment to raising the pitch to hysterical levels every night at 9 pm on the idiot box

4. Foot in the Mouth award - Mani Shankar Iyer for his ‘Chaiwalla’ jibe against Modi that boomeranged on him and congress particularly

5. Monumental blunder of the year award - to BJP’s par-de-excellence strategist Arun Jaitley for giving up his safe Delhi seat to get knocked down in Amrinder sing’s turf in Punjab.

6. ‘Smell the Grass’ award - to her highness , selvi J Jayalalitha who had to perch down from her poes garden abode to the humble confines of Parappana Agrahara jail

7. Recurring itch of the year award - to Lalit Modi for staging a comeback by remote managing election win to Rajasthan Cricket Association

8. Cagey dealmaker of the year award - to Sahara shri Subroto roy for converting Tihar Jail annexe into a deal making room to sell his property in attempt to secure bail

9. Jamaai No.1 award - Mango man Robert Vadra for his uncanny ability to put himself and the hapless Congress in bad light throughout the year

10. Thunder’d’olt of the year award - Suhel hairdo Seth for his unflinching commitment to tongue-in-ckeek’anery.

11. Commotion for promotion award - Rajdeep sardesai for promoting himself in bad light in Us even as he hopped from CNN-IBN to Headlines today

12. Houdidni ‘got away’ of the year award - West indies cricket team who slipped away from Rohit Sharma’s blazing willow in the Home series
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