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December 14, 2014

azimuth event: Malala Yousufzai

Malala Yousufzai
if you may have noticed, two of the world’s most inspiring global leaders converged in December this time, in two entirely different ways. One in passing away and the emergence of the other.

I am referring to the first death anniversary of Nelson Mandela (Dec 5,2014) and the Nobel Prize investiture ceremony to Malala Yousufzai (Dec 10,2014).

An azimuth event of a world in transition with one star in horizon and the other in Zenith!

The common stirring plot in their stories is the fight of one person against enslavement, though of entirely different types.

Malala Yousufzai to my mind is the most important global leader today. If our future holds any promise it is because of young leaders like her. She stands for a timeless yet primordial cause, that which is the fountainhead of the most ills plaguing our world today i.e., "Educating the girl child".

For someone so young, growing up in a challenging environment in Pakistan, to stand up to hardcore fanatics for a diametrically opposite belief and to face the gun without fear to my mind is a exemplar of the stirring fight of humanity towards progress .

As her voice boomed through the Stockholm Concert Hall, one just couldn’t help admire her clarity of cause 

I am reminded of what the great Swami Vivekanand said in this regard 

"if the women are raised ,then their children will, by their noble action, glorify the name of the country. Then will culture, knowledge, power and devotion awaken in the land"

'....they (women) will solve their own problems. Educate your women first and leave them to themselves, then they will tell you what reforms are necessary for them"
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