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This is my diary....what I make sense of, around me. You'll find short prose on contemporary topics that interest me. What can you expect - Best adjectives? …. hmm occasionally, tossed around flowery verbs ?…. Nope, haiku-like super-brevity? … I try to. Thanks for dropping by & hope to see you again

May 19, 2009

First impressions....

First impressions are lasting impressions they say but my recent experience tells me that its better not to form one quickly. Getting out of the Senegal airport after a long flight from Adis recently I was surprised by the manner of an especially helpful & polite bystander outside the exit gate. He gave me details on the way to downtown Dakar (also called Dakar Plateau) – route, time taken,nearby landmarks and even placed my luggage into the waiting taxi. Before I could admire his hospitality & say a thank you, the guy with a half cigarette in his mouth nonchalantly said “Monsieur that will be 750 Cifa” .
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