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May 14, 2009

Pepsi Redux

Pepsi is shedding its logo for a bolder theme. Its marketing chief d’Amore has unveiled a new logo- well not one but 3 actually. The earlier 3D logo is replaced a smooth new circle which poses as a “grin” for diet pepsi, a ‘Smile’ for the regular Pepsi & a “Laugh” for the Pepsi max. All this they claim is a part of the creative destruction of the brand. The designer traces his new creation not just to the pepsi days as a local brand in New Bern N.C but to the touchstones of western civilization: the golden ratio, the Parthenon, Mona lisa smile, Einstein’s theory of relativity & of course iPod. All this hoopla for a few gulps of sugary carbonated water? You might say, well with consumers increasingly preferring fruit juices, & fruity sodas they’d better come up with something exciting.

The last part of the inspiration bit was interesting i.e, iPod. Its creator Apple stands out in a world of bland corporate identities & product designs. Its visual identity , store design & product designs have been inspiring. They touch people at a emotional level when most product fail to do so and most of that Credit goes to Steve Jobs , its honcho who is apparently very passionate about aesthetic beauty & excellence and demands both.

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